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Remember where you started. Don’t be afraid to look back and see how far you have come. Be proud and keep moving forward.
Butterfly weightloss secrets 3One of the things that Suzy and I took from The Biggest Loser Ranch was the full size cut-outs of us. They are in our garage and we see them every day when we walk through the garage. When you see how different you look, it makes it easier to appreciate what you have done.

I was once at a speaking event and this college age guy came walking up to me and asked if he could get a picture with me. One of the first things I noticed about this young man was that his clothes were literally hanging off him.
He proceeded to tell me that he had lost almost 200 pounds but that he didn’t feel like he looked any different.

I told him the first thing he needed to do was go get some new clothes. This guy had lost a ton of weight but didn’t feel any different. He still saw the old him when he looked in the mirror. I would guess a lot of it was because he was still wearing the same clothes he wore when he was over 400 pounds! It is important to allow yourself to transform. Many times we want to make changes yet we still want to hold onto some of our old destructive or negative habits.

I grew up in Iowa. I loved it there and appreciate the way I was brought up. After the show when Suzy and I decided to get married we had to discuss where we would live. I knew that the best move for me personally would be to go to Washington. I had just undergone drastic changes on The Biggest Loser and I knew that there was a good chance if I stayed in Iowa I would fall back into some of my old habits.

Knowing where I started helped me to realize that in order to continue to be successful I needed to make some tough decisions. It was difficult to move; all of my friends and family, as well as everything I had known were in Iowa, but it was worth it. I am still on track today and living a life that I had never even begun to dream of. Don’t be afraid to make big positive changes in your life.

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