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Only shop once a week. I have to admit, this is something I must work on.
Butterfly weightloss secrets 5I tend to go to the grocery store more than once a week so I tend to over buy or impulse buy! When I walk up and down those isles, I can't help but be pulled to the chips or chocolates which are definitely not on my everyday eating plan. Don't get me wrong, food is not the enemy, but sometimes I am my own enemy
when I see tempting food!
If someone was struggling with another addiction, let’s say alcohol, you wouldn't suggest they hang out in bars or at liquor store would you? Hence the reason why I shouldn't be hanging in grocery stores. Food has been my addiction of choice since I was a little girl so the less time I am around the temptations, the more I succeed.
There have been studies that show the places the food is placed in the store in strategically there for a reason. Do you know they hire people to figure out how to get us "suckers" to buy what we are not wanting to and what is usually not on our list!
After I heard this, I looked at the grocery store with a clearer eye and noticed this was totally true. They put the high priced, tempting food at eye level so that is what we see first! They are so tricky. Now that you know this, only go once a week so you won't be tricked by them anymore!

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