Butterfly Secret #8 Drink at least one glass of water before you eat

Butterfly weightloss secrets 5
Drink at least one glass of water before you eat
A lot of these tips should actually be called tricks! I like to trick my body so that it will act how I want it to and not even know it!
One way of doing this is to be drinking plenty of water especially before you eat.
You see, if you fill up your stomach right before a meal, you won’t have as much room to fill it with food. I even suggest to sip on water in between bites so
you not only take a break between bites, but to keep filling your stomach with liquid and not with over eating!

The extra water you drink will actually act as an appetite suppressant. With the extra water in your stomach, you will feel fuller faster!
A lot of people struggle with water because they don’t like the taste.
Sometimes when trying to live healthier, you just need to suck it up and do things to do them! (I’m sure I will tell my sons this someday when it comes to doing their homework!) But also, there are great things out there to try to make water taste better.
They make all those great flavor enhancers very convenient and easy to use.
You open up the pack and pop it into your water. Or there is always the good old fashioned lemon in the water. I have friends who even use limes or oranges! Get creative and try some water.
Now for those of you who want to know the technical business, here you go: Water is essential for your kidneys to function. If your kidneys are functioning at their best, they receive assistance from your liver. One of your liver's functions is to metabolize fat.
So, if your liver is lending a hand to your kidneys, your fat metabolism process
is not going to be working the best, and therefore not metabolizing your fat the
best! Drats! We need that fat to be metabolizing for sure.
It’s just like in a business. We want to make sure that our processes are working as efficiently as possible to reduce costs (fat) and increase the profits so all of our hard work is paying off.
This is why it is so important to drink plenty of water to help weight loss - to keep the process that metabolizes our fat process running as efficiently as possible. Therefore reducing our costs (fat)!!
Here is a list of other health benefits water has:
  • regulates body temp 
  • lubricates the joints 
  • removes waist 
  • ensures proper digestion 
  • maintains healthy skin tone 
  • reduces water retention 
  • and overall helps the whole body function and its most optimum level
therefore burning optimum fat!

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