Butterfly Secret #7 Park far away in parking lots

Butterfly weightloss secrets 5Park far away in parking lots
I think this is something we may have heard over and over, but never do. I think every time I have heard someone talk about health or losing weight they tell me this simple tip, but I seem to forget it.

Why is it so hard to do?
What is funny is that we will even pay money to park closer to things we are going to or stores we want to be at.
One thing that really opened my eyes to the effect of a few extra steps was when I was given a pedometer. I am a very busy mom and I think that I walk tons of steps. Well, once I put on that pedometer, I realized that I am not walking as much as I thought.
Wearing that crazy pedometer challenged me to walk more. One way is parking far away in a parking lot! So simple but so true. If we add a few steps each day, those will add up over the week, month, and at the end of the year, we will have taken off a couple pounds just by parking further away in the lot.
Just the other day I was at one of my favorite stores, Target. I pulled in and started circling the lot just like everyone else. This was a busy day and there was hardly any spots open and the ones that were already had people waiting to zoom in.
I have to say, I noticed a very large “beater” car circling and circling looking for the closest spot. Yes, I have to say the man was very over weight and didn’t look like he cared much about his health.
He was alone and didn’t look like he needed to be up front. I went to the back because I didn’t want to waste time looking for a spot and my boys were defiantly ready to get out of the car.
I parked near the shopping carts, grabbed one, loaded up my boys and started my trek into the store. With all of that, I still beat the man who was still circling looking for a closer spot.

After I saw that, I decided I will not be him! I will head to the back and promote a healthy habit for not only me but my 2 boys.
Did you know if you would like to burn a pound that means you must burn 3500 calories. You may burn an extra 50-75 calories each time you shop just by parking in the back. Give it a try. I know I will be doing it.

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